Kamen Rider Balexadon
Format: Tokusatsu
Created by: Toei
Starring: TBA
Opening Theme: TBA
Ending Theme: TBA
Country Of Origin Japan
Number Of Episode TBA
Running Time 24 Minutes ( Per Episodes )
Original Channel TV Asahi
Original Air Date April 13, 2012
Preceed by None
Succeed None
Kamen Rider Balexadon ( 仮面ライダーバレクサドン , " Kamen Raida Barekusadon ") is an Unofficial Japanese Tokusatsu in the Kamen Rider Series. It is not part of the official line up in Toei Company's Kamen Rider Series. The shows airs on TV Asahi beginning April 13, 2012.


In the year 2012, R.I.D.E an organization that was responsible for creating a Super Project, accidentally creates a massive Rider Belts and send it to many people. In order to improve their creation, they create a Rider War to test their Massive Rider and because of the Rider Wars many people is Killed and thus they were revive as an Orch Noid ( オークノイド, "Okku Noido" ). In order to counter this, the RIDE organization create an Multifunction Gear also known as the Ultimate Gear. On the way to their Secret Headquarter, Rey Kazuki one of RIDE agents were killed before he died he gave the Balexadon Gear to a Secondary 2 Student named Riki Kazama he transformed into Kamen Rider Balexadon to face the Hopper Orch Noid. After he defeat the Hopper Orch Noid he realize that the new threat is just about to begin.


List of Kamen Rider Balexadon Characters

Kamen RidersEdit

Balexadon Riki Kazama
Riser Jiro Yamazaki


  • Miki Sakura
  • Dante
  • Jake Johnson
  • Prof.Issei
  • Mr.Satake


  • Rey Kazuki
  • Jiro Yamazaki


List of Kamen Rider Balexadon Episodes

  1. Transform ! (変身 ! Henshin !?, April 13 2012)
  2. Fight For Justice (正義のために戦う Seigi no tame ni tatakau?, 20 April 2012)
  3. The Wild Flame Hero (野生の炎の英雄 Yasei no honō no eiyū?, 27 April 2012)
  4. It Will Never Gone (それは消えないだろう Sore wa kienaidarou?, 4 May 2012)
  5. Friendship of Lightning Part 1 (ライトニングの友情 パート1 Raitoningu no yūjō Pāto 1?, 11 May 2012)
  6. Friendship of Lightning Part 2 (ライトニングの友情 パート2 Raitoningu no yūjō Pāto 2?, 18 May 2012)
  7. Attack of The Electric Fish (電気魚の攻撃 Denki-gyo no kōgeki?, 25 April 2012)
  8. Cyclone Shooter (サイクロンシューター Saikuronshūtā?, 1 June 2012)


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Opening Theme

  • "Precious"
    • Artist: Vivid
    • Episode : 1 - ???

Ending Theme

  • "Message"
    • Artist: Vivid
    • Episode : 1 - 5
  • "Across the Border"
    • Artist: Vivid
    • Episode : 6

"Across the Border" is Kamen Rider Balexadon Lightning Form theme song