Ryudensen Battle Monsters (龍電戦バトルモンスターズ, Ryūdensen Batoru Monsutāzu) is the first Chougattaisen Series where left off after Wuranger's finale. This series was newly evolved from the cancelled film Soul Kamen. As the part of Soul Kamen, the horror film was evolved into action-adventure series. The villainous monsters was changed to 4-inch toy-like shooting figure called Battle Monsters.



Main ProtagonistsEdit

  • Ryuusuke Tomoji
  • Sarah Tikall
  • Shinuke Rikku
  • Commander Guy
  • Tamashiyu
  • Bubmun

Main VillainsEdit

  • Madrian
  • Armadua

Battle MonstersEdit

Battle Monsters were 4-inch shooting-creature like toy figure who created from man-kind and soul which built the skeleton-like figure called Skeletin by Tamashiyu.

  • Ryudenki - Ryuusuke's Battle Monster which is soul of the Dragon Skin of Strike. He can talk to humans as he like. As he equip the RyuDenArmor, he set as Ryudenki Battle Armor Mode.