Sen : Sanohimei a reincarnation of seimei daishii in old jp folklore, now he is born as a naughty n problematic boy. Oneday he summon a group of jingen in order to save his friend from ringen . Now he must use his power and tame those jingen to serve n listen under his command

Ten : the last onmyoji who still holding his stubborn principle , got a high hopes on sen to success him as tne next onmyoji so he teach him how to summin jingen but he forget to teach his granson how to tame them

Hotaro : a hot blooded and naughty oni boy , he wears a red cap to hide his horns , carry a fire crackers with him

Kawasuke : a cool kappa youngster , wear a thick jacket to hide his shell, not quite friendly and a loner

Fugami : The wisest Tengu , he is very old can be known by his gray hair n he has a sensei or mentor or advisor personality n wears a masker to hide his long nose

Kyuchime : a fox who looks very sexy love to seduce other male jingen including sen n his grandpa , she wears a long kimono hide her nine tails n legs

Neko : best friend of hotaro always dream of marrying him n has a playful personality her favorite is ball sweets. She wears a three paw gloves to hide her furry cat hands