story : when the world hasn't form the god created the jingen and ringen . these 2 clan keep fighting and devouring each other to determine which one will rule the world but there is a male jingen and female ringen fall in deep love as they sacrafice themselves for eternal peace among their species so they pray by offering their life , as the god was truly touch by them . the god punish all the jingenand ningen to dark night only the mortal or ningen which were the offspring and descendent of those lovers were allow to live in warm light and taste the earth resource . Til now everything were fine but soon the god find out the mortals are all getting more and more violent , greedy, and selfish . The god was dissappointed with how the mortals have became lately , then the god punish the mortals by lock down almost 90% psychic power in their brain . So as the mortal became weak and fragile the ringen take the chance began attack and enslave the mortal. then the mortal pledge the help from jingen by making a secret pact . as they unite and banish all the ringen away. mortals go back word as they affraid the jingen will do like ringen to them the same so mortals pray for gods for forgiveness by reducing their lifespan by half and give up all their psychic power to the god. As the god approve it then the jingen meet the same fate as the ringen. although mortals are no longer has psychic but still few of them was given an exception to keep some power due to their positive manner and heart. lots of centuries later the ringen hide themselves among the mortals as they trying to seek a way to make the mortals pay for what they have did to them centuries ago. So they hide themselves and learn the knowledge and skill from mortals while rebuilding their clan once again. But the few last jingen descendents live in outlying place which noone can reach as they begin to feel the fearful ambition and desire of ringen , they train their descendent how to against them by using nature power . So the ghostrangers were form but their purpose isn't just stand up against the ringen n also not saving the ningen but something else . to be continues ....

Episode 2 = a boy name sen sanohimei is skipping school with his friends and went into the deep jungle for fun today. after they take a rest under an old tree suddenly the weather turns cold and chilly. the problem is now should be the summer season how come the sky falls down snow . as they trying to leave the jungle one of the guy remember that his grandpa did say dont say cold if a snow was fall from sky in a deep jungle or will life be frozen forever. Sen doesnt believe it then he shout so cold and chill makes me goin to be frozen alive . suddenly a sound appear and say did u want to be frozen alive

. Sen and his friend scream and run but there the feet are frozen then a little girl with grey hair appear his fall unconscience. Soon as Sen was thinking that he won be able to meet his parent again Sen remember his grandpa word. he throw a pack of peanut to ground while shouting onimaru lets made a pact pliz show yourself and be my shikigami then he burn the peanut. soon the fire became big and a red horn creature pop out and say " its a deal "

then the red oni use his fire cracker / fire match to melt down all snow taht surround sen n his fren . the battle betwwen yukionna n oni begin . after few scene the yuki onna is exhausted suddenly a carrier with old man face wheel appera n say quick get on . after get on the wheel flies off n the red brat say , hey ningen shonen do you know the price of summoning us jingen ha ? then sen show him a an onmyoji amulet . the brat reply that won work on me cause i have been expelled from my own clan fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 hahaha . to be continue ...

trivia sen sanohimei is actaully an alternate ego of semei the great onmyoji/priest/astrologist in japan history thx pliz stay with it cause yokai sentai first morph willbe in ep 3 ^^

ep3 : what do you think you r doin? yuki onna answer me sad by a shadow figure. I just want to let them the consequences of banishing our clan my lord sid yuki. Take this n leave before complete your task . Yes my lord n then yuki vanish . Return to sen and his friend they were found by lkocal villager and call their parents to pick them up. Sen grandpa ten arrive and ask did summon him ? . he is there behind u ji san . ergh did u know the consequences we cant tame them u know what happen if they see each other you fool!. but it was in critical moment if not we will be in hell right now . stop it alredy you two said fugami the black tengu, is there anypickles left in your storage said kawasuke the blue kappa, i wanna sleep you two keep your voice down do not disturb me said kyuchime the yellow fox, im hungry any sweets i need it now said neko the pink cat. hahaha i didnt ask them here but they came here because of your foolish talisman draw their mind here said hotaro the red oni. oh crap we r in big trouble said both sen n his grandpa ten

to be continued .... suddenly his house temperature drop to -30 celcius , everything has been frozen except sen and his grandpa has the amaterasu charm with them so they survive. after that they reach outside n what they saw are the whole city was consumed by blizzard. Minna they have spotted our loction said Fugami while point to the sky. hahaha yokai sentai this will be your grave soon said Yukionna while swallow a small orb which later she turn big butterfly mutant . heh seems like we have to show our true self said kyuchime, yeah looks like interesting said neko to hotaro, bring it own said kawasuke. then they take out their soulabsorber and slash apiece of talisman paper to the screen and shout "seimei kekeru on".to be continued ... if you have noticed their name spelling you will see that there are ho, kawa, fu which means fire, river, wind as the females kyu, neko means nine cat ^^ in japan so its easy to know their elemnt and type

ep 4 : battle of of giants begin , every jinenoh use their element n body to attack. minna all at once said fugami. but their attack are all being reflect and hit them separately. Sen follow me you still got something to be learn, what is that jiichan. As sen and his grandpa went down to a secret paasge way they found an altar with a bishamon statue while holding a talisman paper .dont tell me that is the way to beat ringen n tame jingen said sen to his grandpa. indeed now go we don have much time left. minna listen to me we have to combine our powers if we want to bat this thing. Shonen how? said fugami . tehn sen begin to read the script on the paper and shout youkai gattai kekeru on ! tehn all 5 jingen forming a giant robot call themselves Bishamontenoh with sen as the pilot. This it we must take her down be prepared rigen !. bring it on fool ! said the yukionna. after lots of attack both on them sen then pull out a piece of talisman paper and shout juutenken kekeru on. a giant broadsword was summon from the sky and begin shining. lastly sen write a word and shout ikete iru bishamon tenjuuzan. then yukionna body was split into half the sky return to clear again. trivia ... bishamon is a wargod worshipped by ningen which believe has the ability to wiped out evils ^^

ep 5 : my dear follower why is yuki chan fail me again said a lady like but manly voice behind a pink curtain. my lord actually we finally able to lacate where the strangers and their ningen onmyoji hide right now. Good, now summon yatagarasu and hand him this pill and tell him use it when the situation is getting worse. yes my lord nothing to be worried about said by a toad face minister. Sen chan i want to eat sweets said neko to sen in her bed. What the hell why my house become fully occupied by monster i hope its all just a dream when i wake up tomorrow morning said sen in sleepy face . Hoi Onmyoji brat your breakfast has ready said hotaro while his butt facing to sen face . what do you two playing miau i wann a join too miau. neko then take off her kimono in front of hotaro n sen. hey kitty stop it ! put it on this is my room get out you two said sen in panic. seems like the ringen is planning something that we have to stop it said fugami on top of the tree. indeed but now who is going to teach my sen if anything happens on me said his grandpa witha down look. huh i dont care as long as i still have ataste of my cucumber thats all said kawasuke while swimming in the river. yeah nothing else we can do right now lets just put all discrim stuff aside first said kyuchime sitting on kappa shell. hey you foxy get down or ill drown you to the river. what do you say? how dare you talk to me like that said the fox while showing her furry tails. lord zen looks like we must act quick nsmart from now on said fugami . yes i still cant see through my grandson might n sight as a onmyoji successor said ten. mitzuketta minna said yatagarsu witha sinister smile. to be continued .....

{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2D%20RTE%3A%3A%7B%22spaces%22%3A0%2C%22type%22%3A%22LINE_BREAK%22%7D%20%2D%2D%3Eep 5 : gotta reprt this to my lord said yatagarsu. then a raven fly over to fugami side and say somthin to him. what ? so they are one step ahead of us . soon a lot of wing aves attacking high floor building. they become bullets and bombs cause many explosion around the city. terrible gramps the school just contact me our school has been attack by lots of aves said sen to his grandpa. fugami san what should we do now? i supposed gotta get going first ill summon all aves to leave this as far as they can so they wont get control by ringen said fugami while swinging his fan to cause a agiant tornado. mean while at school sen was call to meet school council president at the hall. " what do you want senpai! " said sen with a annoying look. " no need to address me as senpai , afterall we r in the same age " said school pres. yeah what is it ? just speak up i know you dont like my behavior but can you guys listen to my explanation first?. suddenly a big explosion occur outside of the school hall. every students n school staff make their way to exit as fast as possible. but sen n the pres was trap due to the roof fall n hit the pres leg. she scream for help but there is no one outside then she unconscious due to bloodloss. sen has no choice but use his charm n summon fugami over but with this he will lose half of his stamina . still he did summon fugami over and ask him to take care of her then sen went outside and he run toward the explosion scene .